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Happy Metal Thunder

Cover: Happy Metal ThunderHappy Metal Thunder ist das angekündigte internationale Album, eine Best-Of-Zusammenstellung mit neuen Texten in englischer Sprache. Ebenfalls in englischer Sprache ist daher natürlich der Infotext zum Album:

Attention, Danger of Addiction!

The press calls them affectionately fun-metalband, pearls of humour, professional comedians, silly rockers, crazy quartet, cult band or either metal-smile monster. But what really stands behind J.B.O.? Definition impossible! But one thing is clear: these one and only true defenders of „Blöedsinn“ make a co-existence possible of humour and heavy-metal. The one who has fun, has the power!
In 1989, the matchless-pink story of success of these four hedonists began at the newcomer festival in Erlangen. It was founded as a short-term fun project at the beer bar. But instead of this Vito, Hannes, Holmer and Schmitti received a record contract. All their following, pioneering CD’s were catapulted to the top chart regions and their fulminant live-concerts became triumphal tours. The personnel replacement in 2000 – Holmer and Schmitti were substituted by Wolfram and Ralph – had not damaged their success. Even foreign countries are not safe any more from J.B.O. Bid open air festivals in whole Europe, gigs in Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Belgium, Holland and Slovenia as well as fanpost from France, India, Japan or Thailand tell their own tale. Rock’n’Roll is their religion!
No matter if live or on CD: party, fun and nonsense of superlative are always guaranteed!

  1. Rock Muzik
  2. Long Live Metallica
  3. Pabbarotti & Friends: Roots Bloody Roots
  4. A Perfect Day To Die
  5. Another Brick In The Wall
  6. Daisy Flowers
  7. Ace Of Spades
  8. Kickers Of Ass
  9. Let’s Have A Party
  10. War Of The Worlds
  11. Head Bang Boing
  12. Raining Blood
  13. Rocker’s Creed
  14. Angie


Die CD (DigiPak) kann bei Amazon und natürlich im J.B.O. Ultrastore bestellt werden und den Download gibt es bei Amazon und bei iTunes.



  1. Ein Album in English! Sätt makes You nobody so easy after! I’m looking forward for it und wish You another Number srie or better! 😀

  2. freu mich drauf


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